Boho Statement Necklaces

Boho Statement Necklaces

Boho Statement necklace, Stone Threads Jewellery & accessories
Boho Statement necklace, Stone Threads Jewellery & accessories

Boho Statement necklaces, unique colourful artistic jewellery.

Limited edition Boho statement necklaces. Jewellery, made of up-cycled materials, and eclectic mix of findings and tiny treasures. Materials I use are everything from glass, gemstones, fabric, metal, leather etc. Each necklace is individual and not replicable.

Boho statement necklace, Stone Threads jewellery & accessories
Boho statement necklace, Stone Threads jewellery & accessories

These Boho necklaces are a small representations of different ethno patterns, colours, and culture specific symbols.

Put together with beads, and stones they make a cross between old and new. Also presenting traditional and modern approaches and influences.

I love finding odd items and try to incorporate them with the design. Also, it is great thing to recycle and reuse items I already have. The way I make these necklaces is stitching everything to the base. The base is felt, and I stitch with a needlepoint or silk thread.

Boho Statement necklace, Stone Threads Jewellery & accessories
Boho Statement necklace, Stone Threads Jewellery & accessories

Some of the pieces I use are done by other people. Those are mostly traditional ethno elements.

I Love using traditional Vietnamese, Thai, and South Asian home decor items, such as the colourful fabric birds. They are so stunning, and they bring good luck. There are many amazing treasures like this, available at the World Market. 

Another item I love using is the traditional Guatemalan “worry doll” .   

The dolls, according to the  Shamans Market Blog  are supposed to take you worries away, which is always a good thing.

I have few elder ladies form the village in Croatia, that my family comes from, who make strings and knitted parts that I use for the necklaces. They do this using a traditional method of weaving thread into the coil like long chain. These strings resemble traditional ethnic clothing and household items, such as rope, and bag straps.

In addition, to this I also use the crocheted elements in my design. Crocheted pieces are my mom’s work. Usually those are flowers, leaves and other details. She also does many other things that I use in my accessories line.

So, the necklaces are a compilation of many styles. As well as many different people and their work. I am proud and honoured to showcase the talents of so many people. That is the real beauty of these necklaces, they are global in essence.

For all the necklaces I use felt and fabric backing. This makes them comfortable to wear. My favourite fabric is anything from Mexico. But also, from any other Latin American culture. Their fabric designs and colours are spectacular.


Additionally, the strings and closures are adjustable, so they fit many different sizes.



  1. Catherine R. Valerio says

    The necklaces are too unique and colorful. Would love to wear one <3 great designs JAKELINA

    1. jakelina says

      Thank you very much.

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