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Sunbird  Dhaka jacket

Example of up cycled and ethno themed outfit. Featuring Sunbird Dhaka, Bangladesh, jacket made of recycled sari fabric, scarf made of vintage fabrics, and a traditional hand woven wool bag from Croatia.

Sunbird Dhaka line of products from Bangladesh, fashion line that uses recycled sari fabric. The organization Sunbird is a non-profit social enterprise that empowers marginalized women in Dhaka.

It supports women exiting sex trafficking and poverty cycle, and gives them opportunity to gain new skills and competencies. They learn sewing, tailoring and other related skills. Once they are skilled enough they start making various items using old sari fabric. Head designer and a project lead usually designer most of the items, and overseas the production. Additionally, she makes sure to have a  sufficient amount of fabric for a sustainable production.



The Sunbird Dhaka product line ranges from jackets, vests, throws, scarves, skirts, pants etc.

Every piece has several layers of fabric and is reversible. Moreover, sewers finish every item with a traditional hand-stitch technique. This gives the product a beautiful quilt like texture. Additionally, It makes the product more stiff and durable. Not only that, it makes every item even more unique as it often has small imperfections. In addition to reversibility, most items have flexible closures and sleeve length size.

Beautiful, rare, and precious pieces of traditional Croatian costumes – hand woven wool bags.

Croatian hand woven bags have their history in the traditional Croatian costumes. Pieces like the one I have are traditionally used to carry oat grains for feeding farm animals. Other styles are for more festive occasions, such as weddings, and other celebrations.

Original bags like these are very rear today, and occasionally one can find them at the antique markets. Traditional craft making of these fantastic pieces of art involves a hand weaving techniques using loom, and hand died wool. Nowadays only few small manufacturings, working on cultural artifacts preservation, make these items.

Ognjiste, Knin
Osnovna škola fra Mije Čuića – Bukovica.

The patterns of the bags are ranging from simple stripes, like the one on the picture, to more ornate designs. Moreover, the size and the shape of the bags also varies depending on the purpose of the bag. Additionally, most bags are ornate with tassels and pom poms.  Traditionally most bags have adjustable hand woven wool rope style straps.

Some of the modern versions are available here at Ognjiste online store from Knin, Croatia.




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