Boho interior decor

Bohemian inspired interior decor

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Boho inspired home decor is one of my favourite styles when it comes to interior decoration and design.

As in fashion, boho home style is highly colourful, decorative, interesting, vibrant, and aesthetic. Boho and ethno inspired interior decor.

Collection of various ethnic, vintage, and new textiles upcycled and used to make pillows and pillow covers, throws, curtains, table runners and chair covers. Eclectic mix of art, keepsakes and framed pictures. Plants and flowers to add finishing touch.


The fabric I used to make these cushion covers is from an old traditional Mexican striped wool blanket. The colours of these blankets are fantastic, and it is guaranteed to brighten any room. The other smaller pillows are covered in traditional Indian Banyara style fabric. This highly decorative style is a mix of fabric, embroidery, beading, mirrors, cording and is overall very vibrant, and eye catching.

The big part of boho home style includes constant search for adequate fabric.





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