Jakelina Listes, artist, jewellery designer, social activist, and a community developer originally from Croatia, currently living in Victoria, Canada.

 As a jewellery designer my inspiration comes from ethnic, bohemian and eclectic style and design influences. I  am permanently interested and captured by the beauty of the worlds wealth of culture and diversity. Especially when it comes to textiles and jewellery. I combine these influences with my own sense of style. Than, I add my long lasting love for art in the mix. I experiment, learn, create, have fun, and enjoy.

That is how my creations are done.

Art is an essential part of my life. As for many other artists, I too started very young, experimenting along the way with different mediums and techniques. I fell in love with Picasso and the whole Cubism era, and that style is still my favorite. In time I developed my own style, however, I still prefer mixed media and collage is still my absolute favorite.

My first canvas, as far as I can remember was my younger sister. The motives of those drawings were oddly her favourite food at that time- hard-boiled eggs and toast. From that I progressed to sketching on paper following patterns on our vinyl tablecloth. It was mostly flowers and abstract details.

jakelina listes

While attending the elementary school I discovered many other techniques of making art, all thanks to the extraordinary teacher and local artist in my hometown of Split, Croatia.

From the early on I was fascinated by how art can be used to create wearable objects of design, such as fashion, accessories and jewellery.

The main inspiration for my work can be found in different global ethnic customs, art and crafts, especially Eastern European and Slavic culture.  I strive to create one of a kind individual jewelry pieces and accessories, so that each and every piece is unique. My entire work is made with the idea of sustainability and positive environmental impact in mind. I do this by reusing and re-purposing many old (age) materials and combining them with some new elements. This makes re-design an important component of my work.