Stone Threads jewellery & accessories

 Unique, artistic, line of accessories.

 Mini messenger bags, clutches, small zipper bags, and scarves.

Stone Thread  line of accessories is appealing to those with a bold sense of style. All products are made using vintage and recycled materials. Each piece also has decorations like flowers, buttons and trim. All decorations are handmade.

Multi-colored scarves, Stone Threads jewellery & accessories.Boho style. Ethno, tribal, global style.

Materials I use are wool, silk, leather, suede, and cotton.  In addition, I design every piece individually, depending on the textiles available. Scarves are available in circle and classic styles. Bags are available in 3 sizes. Shoulder bags have leather straps. Also, it is suitable for all seasons.Stone Threads jewellery & accessories

Stone Threads jewellery & accessories