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Curated fashion and style in culture and time.  Inspirations from around the world.

Combined showcase of  both old, traditional and new, avantgarde and edgy style and fashion inspirations.

Fashion and style ideas, projects, inspirations, stories and images of traditional, and neo-traditional ethnic cultures. Additionally, a review of edgy, dark and avant-garde style and fashion too.

I call this mix a “EA” – Ethno-avantgarde style. Marrying ethnic and cultural traditional clothing, jewellery and accessories, with elements of modern  of dark and edgy, avant-garde styles.

How to successfully combine the love for intricate, highly decorative ethno styles with dark and simplistic edgy pieces?


Boho interior decor

Boho and ethno inspired interior decor. Collection of various ethnic, vintage, and new textiles upcycled and used to make pillows and pillow covers, throws curtains, table runners and chair covers. Eclectic mix of art, keepsakes and framed…

Eclectic ethno themed outfit

Example of up cycled and ethno themed outfit, featuring Sunbird Dhaka jacket made of recycled sari fabric, scarf made of vintage fabric, and a traditional wool hand woven bag from Croatia.