This is a uniquely designed, artistic and boho inspired jewellery line.

This collection of boho jewellery will appeal to those who are not afraid to stand out, and have a fun and fearless style. I make  the entire jewellery line with the idea of sustainability and positive environmental impact in mind. Materials I use are gemstones, glass, Swarovski crystal, metal, costume jewellery, fabric, leather etc. This makes a re-design an important component of my work.

All of the jewellery collections are of limited quantity, and not available for replication. Every piece is stand alone, unique – one of a kind.

Stone Threads jewellery & accessories
statement necklace, Stone Threads jewellery
Stone Threads jewellery
Stone Threads boho  jewellery, statement necklace

Every piece begins with a few found objects, or the leftover old jewellery. Than I pick the shape, and decide on the background. Usually it is felt, or some kind of fabric. Than, I choose the other elements, like findings, beads, and other embelishments.

After I collect everything needed, I start putting it all together by either glueing things, and/or stitching them to the backing material. I don’t plan in advance how exactly the finish product will look like, it is more organic, and my guide is whatever inspiration comes to me at any given moment.


bead supply Stone Threads jewellery and accessoreis
bead supply, Stone Threads jewellery and accessories


Sometimes I don’t finish some pieces of jewellery for a long time, as I might not be happy how they turn out. But, when I come back to them later, they usually turn out way better than my original attempt. Additionally with time my sense of aesthetic pleasing colours or patterns also change, which contributes in the jewellery creation as well.

This is a collection that tells the story, and is as unique as the individuals that wear it. As I use motifs and artifacts from different cultures, it is also a very global jewellery collection as well.